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How Are Commercial Videos Different From The Rest

Have you ever wondered about the perfect equation for a commercial video? The thing is there are no set components to make any and every commercial video a viral success. However, there is a formula for building an effective approach towards successful commercial videos, and this is what sets it apart from other types of videos. Wonder what the magic equation is? VMLK breaks it down for you.

The essence of commercial filming encapsulates taking full control of the creative process from scratch, so it’s good enough to build the foundation of the project. At VMLK, taking full control of the creativity of the commercial is seen as the equivalent of helping a bicycle customer find their dream wheel with expert guidance as opposed to letting the consumer draw the bicycle to help guide the shopkeeper. We believe that commercial video producers need full control from ideation to execution of the creative path for a refined and impactful outcome.

We begin by analyzing everything about our clients by structuring open-ended questions that help us draw a better picture by covering their passion, mission, and most importantly their demographics. When trying to profile the target audience, we ask in-depth questions like, “what kind of music does this person listen to?”, “What kind of food will this person eat?” — and like-questions to help form a baseline to what kind of personality that we are trying to advertise to. Ideally, the visuals we recreate should be appealing to that specific demographic and stand out from what other advertisers have pushed to their market. This critical evaluation in bringing into life an impactful and moving media is called media literacy, and this is one of the keys things that sets apart commercial videos.

The next action point is where we look for what has been done before and innovate based on that. The way we look at innovation is for us, it’s about being up-to-date and creating something new out of that, so once we have the understanding, we go back to the client with few options of the direction we want to take. Based on the feedback from the clients, we create the core idea behind the commercial and visualize the video onto a storyboard. Then, we transcend our envision onto an action plan that our clients understand and will be able to approve for production. Yes, commercial videos have long-lasting effects on the target audience, so there is a lot of back-and-forth and processes with a lot of attention to detail at every step we take from ideation to execution. When working on a commercial video, the creatives have to balance the urge between taking a fully creative direction as opposed to a path that offsets some imaginative aspects to amplify the effective results expected by the client. The latter option is what we choose and recommend anyone to do so too.

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