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- Monitoring the daily progress of projects according to schedules 

- Providing detailed updates to managers (coordinating between the departments) 

- Organising and managing all suppliers required by the company 

- Organizing and maintaining reports and databases with suppliers 

- Organizing project logistics for all stakeholders involved 

- Preparing call sheets for productions 

- Keeping track of cast and crew across all projects 

- Organising internal project briefs, internal PPMs, meetings with external stakeholders to ensure projects are on track 

- Monitoring the production plans prior to shoot (double checking if shoot plans can go smoothly) 

- Monitoring progress of edits with the Post Production Manager 

- Conducting meetings with core team members (Head of Post, Production and Brand Management) 

- Keeping track of shoot dates & liasing with the production department 

- Ensure all PPM decks are complete and approved before being released to clients


  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities 

  • Effective Communication skills - Organised, task-oriented person with experience in project management, administration and coordination. 

  • Fluency in English and Sinhala/ Tamil 

  • Excellence written skills in English 

  • High level of personal and professional organisation and task management 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Ability work on schedule and be on time 

  • Capability of working in a fast paced dynamic environment 

  • Ability to take responsibility, accountability, delegate and follow up tasks 

  • Prior experience in similar role

Project Coordinator

Working out which piece goes where is crucial for a Project Coordinator. At VMLK, we enjoy a little bit of a know-it-all. We thrive on being on top of projects in the pre production stage. All the pieces need to be in the right spots and organisation is key. No one gets to say 'what's the next shot?' on set.
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