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- Act as the liaison between the AD's and all external suppliers/ stakeholders (actors/ models, location owners, makeup artists, drivers etc) 

- Monitor the budget for the external suppliers throughout productions 

- Handle logistics for all productions, including travel, transport & accommodation for crew 

- Source and facilitate wardrobe and props as required 

- Source and facilitate rentals of camera equipment, lighting, rigs or any other production related equipment 

- Manage the inventory list of props and wardrobe owned by the company 

- Facilitate safety and risk management on productions 

- Organise contracts of legal permissions and agreements for productions when required 

- Manage the supplier bank used by the company - Share call sheets with external stakeholders and liase with them during productions 

- Ensure all rentals are safely used and returned 

- Close the books 

- once production concludes, look over the production budget and ensure that needs were met within the parameters established in the beginning. 

- Understand and recommend preferred suppliers for productions based on quality of their services, ultimately ensure higher quality productions 

- Be organised and accountable across all documentation/ receipts in relation to suppliers 

- Have an in-depth knowledge of how films are made, love of the process, good contacts in the industry 

- Think clearly when the unexpected happens, come up with good ideas even when under pressure


  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities 

  • Effective Communication skills 

  • Organised, task-oriented person with experience in similar industry 

  • Fluency in English and Sinhala/ Tamil 

  • High level of personal and professional organisation and task management 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Ability work on schedule and be on time 

  • Capability of working in a fast paced dynamic environment 

  • Ability to take responsibility, accountability, delegate and follow up tasks 

  • Prior experience in similar role

Production Coordinator

It's a lot. A lot of fun for a Production Coordinator. There's multiple projects ongoing at all times and quite a few suppliers to manage - so it may all be up in the air, but we like to keep them moving smoothly. Multi-tasking and organisation is tattooed onto this role. There's a lot of dependancy on ending the show without dropping anything. But we got it, and we love it.
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