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- Operate motion picture or camera as you record scenes for motion pictures, advertising or television broadcasts. 

- Know and apply the technical aspects of lenses, film, filters, light and camera settings to each shot to ensure the director gets the effect he or she wants. 

- Adjust printers, camera controls, and any related equipment to find the right lighting, exposure and focus. 

- Work with other film professionals, including electricians, lighting technicians and directors to determine desired effects, lighting requirements, camera movements and filming sequences. 

- Arrange studio sets to best suit the settings on the camera, and control the lighting equipment, film stock, audio and cameras to get the result the director desires from the film. 

- Maintain, clean and test all broadcasting equipment and cameras to ensure every tool is in good working order each day before filming starts. 

- Watch filming sets closely to determine if problems are present in regards to camera angles and lighting and notify the director about issues before filming starts. 

- Remain updated on new technology and current industry trends to ensure you bring the latest methods to the job 

- Work with directors to determine all aspects of shots 

- Provide practical and creative input to scene planning 

- Select, assemble and position equipment (cameras, stands, software etc.) 

- Prepare cameras and test angles or camera movements 

- Shoot scenes according to requirements 

- Capture quality footage from a fixed or moving position 

- Collaborate with make up artists, lighting and sound staff to produce the best final effect 

- Resolve technical or practical issues 

- Edit footage as needed 

- Operate the camera for the DOP as and when required


  • Critical thinking and problem solving abilities 

  • Effective Communication skills 

  • Organised, task-oriented person with experience in similar industry 

  • Fluency in English and Sinhala/ Tamil 

  • High level of personal and professional organisation and task management 

  • Attention to detail 

  • Ability work on schedule and be on time 

  • Capability of working in a fast paced dynamic environment 

  • Ability to take responsibility, accountability, delegate and follow up tasks 

  • Minimum1 year experience in similar role

Camera Operator

A Camera Operator does more than just press record. At VMLK, our vision is to create show stopping cinematic works of art. Knowing the right angles, trying out different camera techniques and being able to bring the DOPs vision to life is what being a camera operator is really all about.
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