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British makeup artist, Pat McGrath said “The most extraordinary results occur only when one feels unbound by any notion of constraint or limitation”. 


With the situation in the country and around the world, it has become harder to create our works of art. However, as a team of forward thinkers and innovators, we have put safety first to make sure that our favourite agencies and brands have the content they deserve. 

Here's how;

Product Shoots

We’ve set up a studio in-house to create the best product videos possible. Just drop off your products and let us do our magic.

Shoot In Real Time

We want to play our part by keeping our island going and keeping all our citizens safe. For shoots that require us to travel to an outside location, we ensure the location is properly sanitized beforehand. We also take steps to ensure that all equipment is cleaned and disinfected after every use. All team members undergo a temperature check, sanitize and are wearing the appropriate face gear. So rest assured that your videos are created with safety in mind.


Our post-production team is available to edit any available footage and content or even recycle your assets.

This is the time for us to stand together (6ft apart), create new ideas, new projects and show our commitment to move forward and overcome this Pandemic.

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